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Through such activities, it will become possible to expedite system developments using our broad portfolio of industry-leading USB related products.

The UMFT602A and UMFT602X units enable bridging of a FIFO bus to a USB3.0/1 host and are equipped with either HSMC or FMC (LPC) connectors.

The Power Delivery series has up to two Type-C/PD ports, with PD1 port supporting both power sink and source roles (Initial Sink), and PD2 port only supporting a power si

FTDI FT232RL USB Full Speed to Serial UART IC, Includes Oscillator and EEPROM, SSOP-28

The UMFT4222EV uses an X32F-G18QA-12.000 crystal.

The FT232HP offers the same functionality as the FT232H

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